Welcome to Delapena Powerhone
The Delapena Powerhone is a competitively priced vertical honing solution for large and heavy components in small to medium sized batches and prototypes. Suitable for both through and blind bores, producing an excellent surface finishes and repeatability. Designed and engineered for durability, efficiency and economical honing.

The Delapena Powerhone incorporates a floating tool design which is oscillated through a rigidly clamped component. Continuous stone expansion is provided by the Friction Feed or Auto Feed Systems.

The Powerhone offers precision honing solutions and maximum power via a highly efficient hydraulic stroking motor. Stable machine design, accurate and repeatable stroking movement with the capacity to short stroke at any position within the bore. A standard diameter range of 25.4 to 368mm; fully adjustable stroking length up to 1000mm all combine to provide a versatile vertical honing solution for a wide range of applications.

Compact and space saving; the Powerhone features an integrated worktable and an easily removable 60 litre honing fluid tank, with magnetic and cartridge filtration system. Operational efficiency is ensured with a flexible jig, tooling system and ease of access to the component worktable.

The user friendly controller features digital cycle timer, infinitely variable stroke length and control of the feed units expansion and retraction. As standard the Powerhone is supplied with an Automatic Feed System, with an optional Friction Feed system available upon request.

The Powerhone is supported by an extensive range of Vertical Honing Heads and associated consumables, including multi-stone honing heads, standard abrasives and super abrasives or solutions tailored to your specific honing application.

Features and Benefits
  • Versatile Vertical Honing Solution
  • Fully Adjustable Spindle & Stroking Speeds
  • Accurate & Repeatable Stroking Movement
  • Highly Efficient Hydraulic Stroking Motor
  • User Friendly Controller
  • Diameter Range of 25.4 to 900 mm* subject to application
  • Accurate & Repeatable Stroking Movement
  • Short Stroking at Any Position
  • Integrated Worktable
  • Automatic Feed System Supplied as Standard
    * Subject to Honing Application